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Helping Individuals and Businesses achieve their American Dream one customer at a time
Our mission is to help individuals and businesses achieve their American Dream the way they would like to achieve it through customized plan development, coaching, mentoring, financial and other education and making our proven tools/products and numerous services available to everyone.
We believe that America is the greatest country on earth for opportunity. According to US News the total number of millionaires in the USA is estimated to be 15,356,000 in 2017. Any person living here can achieve the American dream by following a detailed custom plan of financial and other education using our proven methods and tools. Unfortunately this very necessary education for survival and the achievement of financial dreams is not part of the current basic education system. This is not only our view but also Mr. Robert Kiyosaki's. He is a world famous and very successful author and business man and coach and he makes this point repeatedly in his runaway best seller book "Rich Dad Poor Dad". Our hope is to eventually try and incorporate this vital financial education into our basic education system, and increase the total number of millionaires in America as much as possible to perhaps 25 million which is not improbable. If you agree with us, or think differently, we would love to hear your feedback regarding this. Of course, feedback has to be courteous and respectful. Otherwise we reserve the right to remove any feedback we deem offensive. Over the years our customers have requested us to develop many services they thought would be useful to anyone. We strive to provide any and all services our customers request, or we think would benefit them in the short term and long term. Please read the services information in detail, and let us know if you have any questions or need any of our services, or know someone who might need any of our services, and we will respectfully contact them. Please Email Us or call us at 425-954-6694 for any further information. Thanks so much for your kind referrals.
Our customers tell us what they would like to do by when, and we work with each customer and develop their own personal custom plan and coach, mentor, encourage and support them every step of the way in their achievement of the dream and their financial and other education. We offer four kinds of subscription plans. Bronze $9.99 per month, Silver $14.99 per month, Gold $19.99 per month, and Platinum $24.99 per month. Please click on each of the plans to see what they include. If you know someone you care about that could benefit from this personalized service, please encourage them to visit this site and sign up for the service, or better yet sign them up, and pay for the initial few months of service. It will be a very valuable and very appreciated gift. Please Email Us or call us at 425-954-6694 for any further information.
We are not like other businesses and organizations who recommend things to do to their customers, and if the customer does not do those things their situation does not improve. We will actively engage with our customers and inform them that if they do not follow their custom plan consistently and diligently, they are not likely to achieve the results they want in the time frame they would like. We also don't recommend to our customers to be as frugal as humanly possible so they can retire soon. We recommend a proven path to affluence as soon as practical for each customer depending on their own personal situation and potential. If some of our customers reach their dreams and affluence goals sooner than later, we recommend they use their excess resources to start businesses or charities in their communities so that they can contribute towards making a dent in trying and solving some of the many local, regional, national and international problems in society in that order. We sincerely and very strongly feel that there are a lot of people, organizations and media routinely discussing all the problems we face at all levels, but there is not a concise summary as to what it will take resource wise to eliminate the problem and a step by step plan by experts in that field to solve it in a given period of time.There is no dashboard available to view in real time the progress we are making on solving the problem if any, and when and if the problem will and can be solved either. We hope to rectify this situation eventually with the help of our customers, well wishers, supporters, volunteers, interns and employees. We will make available a list of local, regional, national and international problems to solve and step by step plans by experts to solve them, and also dashboards regarding society's progress on solving these problems based on the input and suggestions we receive from our customers, well wishers, supporters, volunteers, interns, employees and others. If you would like to suggest problems at any level that you would like to see solved, we welcome your suggestions. Please Email Us or call us at 425-954-6694. If you would like to volunteer on a team that is working to solve a particular problem, we welcome your interest. Please let us know. If you are a person or family fortunate enough to have the financial resources to contribute towards or drive a particular problem solving process at any level, we welcome you with open arms. Please Email Us or call us at 425-954-6694 for any further information.
Our customers could use the tools of their choice or use proven tools we have already developed, or are developing for each unique case. The younger a customer is when they start following our customized plan of financial education and other education, and how diligently they follow and stick to the plan determines how soon they will succeed in achieving their dream, and substantially increases their probability of achieving it.
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